Properties of Moringa

Why Moringa?

Moringa comes from a tree, it grows in a number of hot climates, properties are slightly different depending on the properties of the earth.  Obonee Oil only source their moringa from Africa.

Moringa is nutrient dense, contains vitamins A, B6, C, potassium, magnesium all proven to assist in anti-aging and reduce inflammatory; to promote clear skin. Moringa contains high levels of monosaturated fat which provides an excellent moisturising base which absorbs well into the skin, leaving you beautifully moisturised, without any greasy residue.

About Oboneeoil Moringa

  • Cold pressed maintain its properties
  • Naturally high in vitamin A, C and E rich in phytonutrients
  • Contains antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Ideal for moisturising
  • Filled with anti-oxidants that slow the aging process
  • Perfect for skin and hair – absorbs well into the skin
  • Sourced from an accredited/ certificated Ghana source

Moringa also known as the tree of life – all parts of the tree can be used for different purposes